Drilling into the New Year – what will you find?

New Year, New opportunities I’m not a great believer in New Year resolutions, often finding them a trite way of setting weak aspirations; however, the happenstance of calendar dates does give an opportunity to both look back, and look forward. So these are “sort of not-resolutions” My last year or two  have been challenging in […]

monitoring performance to death | Becoming Better

monitoring performance to death | Becoming Better. I was referred to this post from the excellent thinkpurpose blog. Basically, the premise is that extreme monitoring makes you slower, but slightly better; slight monitoring *always* makes things worse. I liked  In situations like mine …, where work is not 100% plannable …, monitoring is a great way […]

Criticism of Facebook “friends” goes mainstream?

It’s widely acknowledged that there’s an air of sniffyness amongst some people who claim not to understand Social Media, Facebook friending and so on, and have never had accounts. There’s another group of people who leave Facebook because of privacy concerns, because they felt they had to maintain a persona, or because they feel it’s […]

My Week in Twitter 2012-10-07

@noirem @ninthspace @Spangila 4 carb heaven 🙂 in reply to noirem # The phrase "Won't get fooled again" comes to mind. Milliband channels Blair http://t.co/yQwIZyeI # My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Scooter (296), Fishermen's Friends (71) & The Proclaimers (32) #tweeklyfm http://t.co/jyefkCk6 # @rankamateur: Seriously disliking the booing. #rydercup < I take it this is […]