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  • Eheu! With fasting bloods tomorrow morning, I am allowed no food *nor even tea*! after 2000 tonight. #
  • My Top 1 #lastfm Artists: Cascada (1) #tweeklyfm http://t.co/jyefkCk6 #
  • @MikeNolan streaming looks fine on ADSLMax (8m); running on XP! with latest Firefox. in reply to MikeNolan #
  • Excellent snarky reply to a private health recruiter http://t.co/p7qQ4VGv #
  • @mccartc3 welcome back mate. Pleased to see #btot working again. So, thought about how you could do it with Wave 15? 🙂 in reply to mccartc3 #
  • @niksargent sorry, mate: http://t.co/YxDWayZi in reply to niksargent #
  • @niksargent @JCT_WoodPad I have multiple domains, all handled through Google Apps Mail, and Google spam defences are good… in reply to niksargent #
  • I just got my Search Score on BrandYourself and got a B+! Can you beat that? http://t.co/FnLpO8WA #
  • “Use social networks all you like, but continue to publish content through your own site. ” +1 http://t.co/NG1Z0IPA #
  • Rise of the Indie Web – cast off your silo chains #btot #fb http://t.co/CEtofHyg #
  • BBC lawyers consider formal appeal over court ban on riots drama http://t.co/Ugy9hh4c via @guardian #
  • Morning coffee before a high bandwidth day in the office. (@ Red Pepper) http://t.co/azk0EFxa #
  • An unusual day; working in a corporate office, while the rain falls on Inverness (@ Fraser House) [pic]: http://t.co/Zp7bul21 #
  • An epiphany at work today, as I realise sharing inside the firewall benefits neither me, nor the company. And as I stop, I relax. #
  • @mccartc3 thanks, Clyne. Just seemed a bit, well, self-indulgent so I pulled the internal blog, too. But redside? All cool 🙂 in reply to mccartc3 #
  • @mccartc3 I think that's the problem 🙂 I've been wasting too much time (years) shouting into a cavern and I weary… in reply to mccartc3 #
  • RT @Hfuhs: CLOUD – Can't Locate Our Users Data
    / Love it! /ht @9600 #
  • http://t.co/wBfagUAS – amazing! #
  • Stolen from elsewhere: If Atheism is a religion then 'off' is a TV channel. #
  • End of another day as I go to walk the dogs, then slope off to the pub.*Must* have overshared at work 🙂 More than 1k (2yrs) posts removed #
  • @shezza_t I took the posts (& blog) down; stuff that interests me I have records of; not really a sharing culture internally. in reply to shezza_t #
  • Having watched the astonishing TdF timetrial, time for a beer in the garden, then start seafood chili pasta #

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Blue Glass on Sand

Someone was giving me their war stories about their personal email, and I wondered about mine. I have email coming in from 5 or 6 domains and a couple of gmail accounts. I handle it all through Google Apps For Your Domain, which does a very creditable job of icing SPAM for me. I did a quick check and in the last 30 day I received 1295 emails, no spam. Call it 40 a day.

The vast majority were notifications from Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn, or communications from suppliers I have a relationship with [usually tagged and filtered]. I got 16 from contacts in the Coastguard; 20 from a fraternal organisation; 25 as email output from a Yahoo Knowledge Management Group. The last three could all be handled via blogs/wiki/groups.

Personally addressed email to *me*? Only for me? I got… none.

My personal contacts come to me via Facebook; via Twitter; via Skype messaging, or by SMS. I guess in those terms I really am “Thinking Outside the Inbox” as Luis Suarez would say.

I only wish my work email was as simple 🙂 – about 20 a day, about half of which requires me to do something… and about 80% of that could be dealt with better. Will SharePoint 2010 help address that? I do hope so.

How much of your email is really personal to you?

Image Credit: Owen’s

sharing fruit

In a typically erudite post from David Cushman, he asks “What makes you share?”

While he discusses the virtues – or otherwise – of taking deliberately contrary positions, I think the highlight of the post for me is the following:

…the only way we can find others who care about the same things we do is through one or other party expressing that concern. Until you share your thoughts they have no value to you or your network. They contribute nothing to making your life better or the world a better place.
But the simple act of sharing what you care about can make change. When you share you allow others to access your thoughts and to discover you…

I mostly share to learn. The old saw is “the best way to learn something is to teach it”. I also think it’s better to make your views, interests and experience open to your peers – as it adds value to your interactions. I’m a remote homeworker, and reading my social media/shared stuff will give people a better idea of what I’m like – for good or ill…

To explicitly answer David’s questions

So what drives you to share?

The fascination of discovering what other brighter people have learned or thought – and how easy it is to learn these things.

What would make you share more?

The improving of the technology; for me it went something like delicious, blogs, my ongoing love – Twitter, and latterly posterous, bit.ly and Facebook with Selective Tweets.

So, what makes you share?

Image Credit: wlodi

Sad to say, a change in my work and a move in focus has meant that I’m blogging rather less now than I used to – with most activity coming via my Posterous mini-blog, or from my rather eclectic twitter stream. I regularly retweet interesting things, and using a combination of bit.ly and Selective Tweets, share links I’ve found with my Twitter and Facebook friends.

wpbeginner’s post on using Twitter Blackbird Pie shows an interesting plugin to allow the easy embedding of tweets into your actual blog, which adds nicely to your options.

How did I discover this?
[blackbirdpie id=”59428383074947072″] naturally enough.

I tried it and liked it.
[blackbirdpie id=”59893661156126720″]

How about you?

masked man

Who is this masked man?

According to a work colleague, it probably should be me.

Why should you hide your identity?

To be honest, I’m not really sure. One of my colleagues said they’d like to separate their updates depending on the audience, their facebook feed being different to linkedin for example.

I was fine with that – after all, I use hashtags in Twitter to decide whether I send an update to Facebook(#fb), LinkedIn (#in) or Yammer (#yam) or none of them. Where I was puzzled was when another senior colleague said he thought most folk would probably choose to maintain different identities and say different things to different audiences.

I said

I talk differently to my wife, and about different things; my persona is authentic, which is important so that people can build trust…I’m friends/contacts with differing groups of folk [on] Twitter, FB, LinkedIn. All bleed into each other, so I need to be “real”.

What do you share?

I’m a moderately open sharer, and you can find links to my Twitter, Posterous and Friendfeed on the blog. I’m also on LinkedIn, Flickr, and you can see loads more on flavors.me. You’ll see different things on each of them, but you’ll find the same tone. I’m me, wherever I am.

I don’t share all my KM stuff on Facebook; it would bore my Coastguard friends rigid. I don’t tell people on Yammer about a recent shout where we went to a casualty on a beach; it might not interest them. I don’t usually “friend” work colleagues on Facebook, because they are different audiences; but some I do, and I’d look pretty odd if my tone wasn’t authentic.

How many identities do *you* have?

Sorry guys, I just have this one. What about you?

Image Credit: P!XELTREE