Andrew McAfee thinks so.

In his post Bravo, Amazon, for Kicking Out WikiLeaks he makes his view very clear. In my comments yesterday I thought I’d made my disagreement clear. Perhaps I double posted, for my comments don’t appear there this morning.

I posted there again, but just thought I’d highlight my personal view here.

AWS can choose to whom they offer service; customers are now aware that Amazon can close down their services as soon as they like, for whatever specious reasons they have. I understand that it still isn’t clear on what grounds they terminated WikiLeaks hosting. I’ll be closing my S3 service, although I’ll still buy books from Amazon.

So far, we’ve seen nothing like My Lai; in this set of releases.
WikiLeaks did release the Collateral Murder video, which while not My Lai did show connivance and carelessness in the deaths of civilians caused by military action. Was that a good thing? Yes, I think it was.

I suspect that it meant we got the truth about what happened to Linda Norgrove more quickly than we would have done otherwise. I wonder if the fear of WikiLeaks may make another Pat Tillman event less likely.

Is it inconvenient that information like this leaks? Yes.
Does th US have “embarrassed and angry allies”? Yes, but many of those are probably angry with themselves for things like believing their own intelligence reports about WMD, to worry too much about US diplomats say; I’m sure British diplomats are at least as cutting.

You wonder why other countries cables haven’t appeared yet? WikiLeaks haven’t got hold of them. It’s easy to find a variety of countries and companies that have been previous WikiLeaks targets; the US is obviously a big target – but then, they do a lot of… things in a lot of places.

Should this information have been released? Ask me when I’ve seen it all.
Should Amazon have sacked WikiLeaks? Up to them, but many will think less of them.

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