Having sorted out my office, and fixed one of my broken NAS, I decided to to look at my website.
Moved it to a new theme, and started enabling it for IndieWeb yesterday.

Wow. Bit of a hill for an old retired guy!
Still, got some mentions working, started working on some syndications stuff, checked I have h-card enabled, and got IndieAuth working.
That got me onto the IndieWeb wiki, ooh, they use Slack, better get on that…

IndieAuth got me to github; yes, kept meaning to learn about that… which got me to GitHub Pages, to Jekyll via Ruby
Diverting via static pages to Hugo

Unfortunately, less than a day later I’m contemplating the old adage one bite at a time

So, any first pointers?
All suggestions gratefully received – I expect the occasional “Ooh, I wouldn’t start from there”!

Since I’m sitting in my Highland eyrie, all locked down, I decided I’d do some tidying.

I sorted out my office.
Got rid of yet more shredding and started some tidying up of technology!

On my lengthy to-do list was some work on my deceased, much beloved Netgear ReadyNAS Duo v2. Upgraded from a 500G Disk, to a RAID 3Tb volume it had served me well – until a power supply failure knocked it down.

There was little on there that I hadn’t backed up – some bits of creative writing and some old documentation, but I was a bit peeved and decided to see if the files were recoverable.

After some SATA to USB fiddling and trying with a couple of Linux boxen, I decided to try some proprietary recovery software.
Three separate items were completely unsuccesful – one unamed company saying my data was “beyond recovery” – I found my way to ReclaiMe File Recovery Software.


This gave me a good feeling.

I attached the drives for the ReadyNAS Duo via USB, loaded up the software… and it started finding my files.

I’d made space to recover the files and over the next few hours recovered ALL the data.

The software isn’t cheap.
However, it works better than any competitor I had tried, produced flawless recovery and has been added to my lifetime tools arsenal.

Give it a try.
I doubt you’ll be disappointed.