So, my ongoing lockdown projects.
I was looking at sorting out my IndieWeb credentials – a little progress there with h-card and linking sites together; although I’m still being a bit lazy about making my content here and sending it elsewhere (see POSSE).

Jekyll and Hugo?
Nowehere. I think some of my problems were I got an updated site on GitHub Pages, but was managing it with GitHub Desktop.
I suspect I’d be better doing it with raw git. So, more to do!

As a break from that I decided to tackle a couple of other little projects; like a lot of people I have the odd Raspberry Pi lying about – three of them, in fact.

I now have

  • a working adblocker (a pi-hole) which also handles my DHCP and coincidentally shoves every DNS query over HTTPS for the whole network
  • a working media centre which plays anything I throw at it from my recently repaired NAS, which is done with OSMC [and it streams Freeview TV to every PC in the house by using a pi TV HAT]
  • and finally, a working torrent box. Mostly done with this wiztime article.

For my own future reference – remember that SAMBA is started as a service
sudo systemctl start samba

Don’t call your VPN with the .ovpn attached to its name 🙂

sudo service [email protected] start

This means I have now run out of Pis, and have no idea of another project for one anyway.
So I may have to start looking at git again.

Photo Credit: I LIKE IT SIMPLE Flickr via Compfight cc

Since I’m sitting in my Highland eyrie, all locked down, I decided I’d do some tidying.

I sorted out my office.
Got rid of yet more shredding and started some tidying up of technology!

On my lengthy to-do list was some work on my deceased, much beloved Netgear ReadyNAS Duo v2. Upgraded from a 500G Disk, to a RAID 3Tb volume it had served me well – until a power supply failure knocked it down.

There was little on there that I hadn’t backed up – some bits of creative writing and some old documentation, but I was a bit peeved and decided to see if the files were recoverable.

After some SATA to USB fiddling and trying with a couple of Linux boxen, I decided to try some proprietary recovery software.
Three separate items were completely unsuccesful – one unamed company saying my data was “beyond recovery” – I found my way to ReclaiMe File Recovery Software.


This gave me a good feeling.

I attached the drives for the ReadyNAS Duo via USB, loaded up the software… and it started finding my files.

I’d made space to recover the files and over the next few hours recovered ALL the data.

The software isn’t cheap.
However, it works better than any competitor I had tried, produced flawless recovery and has been added to my lifetime tools arsenal.

Give it a try.
I doubt you’ll be disappointed.