I’ve played with a variety of clients before, and never found myself hugely committed to any of them. Having noticed a tweet by @dahowlett where he suggested it was the best blog editor on the planet, I’ve decided to give this a try.

If you’re interested, it can be found at the Live services site.

From home, I’m never offline, so it’ll be a while before I try that out.

3 thoughts on “Windows Live Writer

  1. How good is the code it is writing Steve?

    I saw a demo of a CMS which was using ‘word’ and it produced terrible HTML (in my head I thought of it as HTML from the people who brought you front page). That may be something you can fix with scripts on the CMS itself, but it wont have semantic meaning to use, particualrly sub heading tags.

    Interestingly the people who intend on using this CMS liked the fact it used word as they could do powerful formatting… I think I disliked it for the same reason (grin).

    Probably most wysiwyg tools used on blogging pay little attention to semantic meaning too, I have to nip in to code view to use sub headings well. Seems a shame though – but the debate about clean semantic HTML on blogs is probably another can of worms.

    I’ll give it a try on my home machine and report back, but I may not be typical, I hate the code most wysiwyg components on blogs and wikis use anyway.

  2. update

    tried it for a posting, didn’t like it and went back to my text editor for rough drafts and then pasting into the wordpress editor.

    I guess it has more features than the wordpress editor, but so did front page.

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