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Do you quote Twitter in your blog posts?

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Sad to say, a change in my work and a move in focus has meant that I’m blogging rather less now than I used to – with most activity coming via my Posterous mini-blog, or from my rather eclectic twitter stream. I regularly retweet interesting things, and using a combination of and Selective Tweets, share links I’ve found with my Twitter and Facebook friends.

wpbeginner’s post on using Twitter Blackbird Pie shows an interesting plugin to allow the easy embedding of tweets into your actual blog, which adds nicely to your options.

How did I discover this?
[blackbirdpie id=”59428383074947072″] naturally enough.

I tried it and liked it.
[blackbirdpie id=”59893661156126720″]

How about you?

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April 18th, 2011 at 10:15 am

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