Drilling into the New Year – what will you find?

New Year, New opportunities I’m not a great believer in New Year resolutions, often finding them a trite way of setting weak aspirations; however, the happenstance of calendar dates does give an opportunity to both look back, and look forward. So these are “sort of not-resolutions” My last year or two  have been challenging in […]

My Week in Twitter 2012-10-07

@noirem @ninthspace @Spangila 4 carb heaven 🙂 in reply to noirem # The phrase "Won't get fooled again" comes to mind. Milliband channels Blair http://t.co/yQwIZyeI # My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Scooter (296), Fishermen's Friends (71) & The Proclaimers (32) #tweeklyfm http://t.co/jyefkCk6 # @rankamateur: Seriously disliking the booing. #rydercup < I take it this is […]

My Week in Twitter 2012-09-02

Wolfram Alpha's Facebook Report Analyzes Every Dark Corner of Your Facebook Activity – http://t.co/mr0srXfk # @rattlecans I think the point is poor employers sometimes want some *other* employers to pay for training. Which is why there's so little. in reply to rattlecans # MT @GeorgeMonbiot: The "self-made man" fallacy is essentially psychopathic… < The self-made […]

My Week in Twitter 2012-08-26

Having a pint with some mates! (@ Cromarty Arms) [pic]: http://t.co/mzuURUIx # My week on twitter: 9 retweets received, 2 new followers, 14 mentions. Via: http://t.co/vSvoXsoA # Wow. Galloway quite rightly sacked for his views on #rape http://t.co/QC0JTd4A # RT @jdrumgoole: The technology adoption route for IT departments: Ignore, prevent, tolerate, allow, integrate. # @shezza_t […]

My Week in Twitter 2012-08-19

Harris the dog, reclining. http://t.co/zcnXzf4q # RT @DeathStarPR: BREAKING: Ewokador grants Bothan spy Julian Assange political asylum, defying Empire's extradition request. #Wookieeleaks # @The_Moiderer @thinkitchangeit I did wonder why you were selling clothes for me aka: "Thin Kit? Change it" for something that will fit. in reply to The_Moiderer # @jobsworth bet it's not Assange […]