• Spot a performance management? #fb #btot http://t.co/DeftMHnr #
  • Finally found how to move G+ from my standalone account to my Google Apps account https://t.co/UPL1Y6qK #fb #
  • My week on twitter: 4 new followers, 1 mentions. Via: http://t.co/vSvoXsoA #
  • RT @mattgemmell: By checking this box I agree that I have checked this box and totally not read any of that crap, like a normal person. #
  • @fforchwen_too that's what it was. Email arrived about a change case, and when I kicked Clarify into life it failed. Ooops, no VPN up. in reply to fforchwen_too #
  • @daddacool @9600 Wonder how much comparatively Apple, Google and Microsoft spend on patent acquisition? in reply to daddacool #
  • Bangs head on desk. Office systems not working currently as I work from home. Why? I forgot to kick off VPN. #FirstWorldProblem #
  • Autumnal chill in the air; solid fuel heating on. Dogs remain in their baskets until later. Mist and grey sea out of my office window. #
  • Some Future Shock courtesy of my son…: My son, @philellwood shared the following with me: Thought you might appr… http://t.co/pcnCRLEH #
  • Stolen from George Takei: Exhaustipated: too tired to give a shit #
  • H,, My second #Kindle screen failure in 15 months. This one, out of warranty. £150 every 18 months might get a tad expensive for an e-reader #
  • My Week in Twitter 2012-09-09: @libbi_jones I talk to you sometimes! in reply to libbi_jones # @chrisaves @ noir… http://t.co/de6MXZ2Z #

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