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Some Future Shock courtesy of my son…

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My son, @philellwood shared the following with me:

Thought you might appreciate this.

I’m on the train, with my Kindle, laptop, and phone. My phone is connected to 3G. I create a portable Wi-Fi from my phone, and connect the laptop and kindle to it. I use the internet to download a book, and then I use the “Send to Kindle” app on my laptop to wirelessly transfer the book that I have downloaded via the internet on my phone onto my laptop, back over the internet to Amazon’s servers then back through my phone to the kindle. I also transferred it to the phone itself, just for good measure. All by dragging a file from one folder onto an app icon. No keystrokes.

It was less effort to do that, than switch the USB charger from my phone to my Kindle and transfer it that way.

Future Shock?

When it becomes second nature for all, that will be Future Shock

Written by SteveEllwood

September 12th, 2012 at 1:56 pm

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  1. Goodness help us if it ever becomes second nature… all that wastage 🙂 imagine doing a six sigma analysis on that 🙂

    Nik Sargent

    12 Sep 12 at 15:32

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