• Eheu! With fasting bloods tomorrow morning, I am allowed no food *nor even tea*! after 2000 tonight. #
  • My Top 1 #lastfm Artists: Cascada (1) #tweeklyfm http://t.co/jyefkCk6 #
  • @MikeNolan streaming looks fine on ADSLMax (8m); running on XP! with latest Firefox. in reply to MikeNolan #
  • Excellent snarky reply to a private health recruiter http://t.co/p7qQ4VGv #
  • @mccartc3 welcome back mate. Pleased to see #btot working again. So, thought about how you could do it with Wave 15? 🙂 in reply to mccartc3 #
  • @niksargent sorry, mate: http://t.co/YxDWayZi in reply to niksargent #
  • @niksargent @JCT_WoodPad I have multiple domains, all handled through Google Apps Mail, and Google spam defences are good… in reply to niksargent #
  • I just got my Search Score on BrandYourself and got a B+! Can you beat that? http://t.co/FnLpO8WA #
  • “Use social networks all you like, but continue to publish content through your own site. ” +1 http://t.co/NG1Z0IPA #
  • Rise of the Indie Web – cast off your silo chains #btot #fb http://t.co/CEtofHyg #
  • BBC lawyers consider formal appeal over court ban on riots drama http://t.co/Ugy9hh4c via @guardian #
  • Morning coffee before a high bandwidth day in the office. (@ Red Pepper) http://t.co/azk0EFxa #
  • An unusual day; working in a corporate office, while the rain falls on Inverness (@ Fraser House) [pic]: http://t.co/Zp7bul21 #
  • An epiphany at work today, as I realise sharing inside the firewall benefits neither me, nor the company. And as I stop, I relax. #
  • @mccartc3 thanks, Clyne. Just seemed a bit, well, self-indulgent so I pulled the internal blog, too. But redside? All cool 🙂 in reply to mccartc3 #
  • @mccartc3 I think that's the problem 🙂 I've been wasting too much time (years) shouting into a cavern and I weary… in reply to mccartc3 #
  • RT @Hfuhs: CLOUD – Can't Locate Our Users Data
    / Love it! /ht @9600 #
  • http://t.co/wBfagUAS – amazing! #
  • Stolen from elsewhere: If Atheism is a religion then 'off' is a TV channel. #
  • End of another day as I go to walk the dogs, then slope off to the pub.*Must* have overshared at work 🙂 More than 1k (2yrs) posts removed #
  • @shezza_t I took the posts (& blog) down; stuff that interests me I have records of; not really a sharing culture internally. in reply to shezza_t #
  • Having watched the astonishing TdF timetrial, time for a beer in the garden, then start seafood chili pasta #

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