My Week in Twitter 2012-07-22

Eheu! With fasting bloods tomorrow morning, I am allowed no food *nor even tea*! after 2000 tonight. # My Top 1 #lastfm Artists: Cascada (1) #tweeklyfm # @MikeNolan streaming looks fine on ADSLMax (8m); running on XP! with latest Firefox. in reply to MikeNolan # Excellent snarky reply to a private health recruiter […]

What drives you to share?

In a typically erudite post from David Cushman, he asks “What makes you share?” While he discusses the virtues – or otherwise – of taking deliberately contrary positions, I think the highlight of the post for me is the following: …the only way we can find others who care about the same things we do […]

WikiLeaks: Amazon kicked them out. Should they have?

Andrew McAfee thinks so. In his post Bravo, Amazon, for Kicking Out WikiLeaks he makes his view very clear. In my comments yesterday I thought I’d made my disagreement clear. Perhaps I double posted, for my comments don’t appear there this morning. I posted there again, but just thought I’d highlight my personal view here. […]

The Guardian lets you redistribute content

Not only is the Guardian making a positive effort to attract readers barred by the Times/Murdoch paywall – they are inviting readers to redistribute Guardian content through their WordPress blogs – and it seems to work I am indebted to @jennybee for this who retweeted “RT @AndyBold: just as the Times paywall is fully raised, […]

Does Knowledge Management matter?

This is the question posed – but not answered – in the brilliant post On whether Knowledge Management matters by Brad Hinton. I was alerted to this by a timely tweet from @johnt He posits: Based on my own observations and discussions with people, perhaps the only people who care about KM are the KM-ers […]

What does your website look like to me?

The image above is what the website of Inventory magazine looks like, to me. Like many others, I generally block Flash using Flashblock. Most Flash is an intrusion, and it slows up my machine and uses resources I could use to keep more tabs open… Yes, I can choose to see what is in Flash. […]