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Even Demos says allow Facebook at work

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Facebook, Inc.

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In an article on use of social networking sites reported on the BBC, a Demos report states that firms should allow the use of these sites at work.

“Banning Facebook and the like goes against the grain of how people want to interact. Often people are friends with colleagues through these networks and it is how some develop their relationships.”

When even the BBC and Demos are picking up issues @jobsworth was blogging about last year in Facebook and enfranchisement you figure this must be going mainstream.

Now, as long as companies can hold their nerve and not retreat into the comfort zones of “retrench/forbid/ban” – and revert to centralised command & control, maybe some of the innovation at the edges, and the contacts people build will help us get through the recession; if not, at least it will give their people some more human contact and stability in difficult times.

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Written by SteveEllwood

October 29th, 2008 at 9:08 am

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  1. The only business Facebook should be banned at is a home office! I have to reroute my Facebook alerts so I don’t see them while I’m working!

  2. no one needs facebook at work


    20 Nov 08 at 12:02

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