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I’m still trying to find my way through what social media/”Web2.0” actually means to me.

I have accounts on lots of services, and use:
Twitter – a lot
Facebook – a bit
LinkedIn – a bit
I blog – a little

I glance at other services, share some photos on Flickr and follow a few folk on friendfeed. Prolific posters on any of the services, I tend to consume via RSS.

One of these is Robert Scoble, who is hugely well known – in certain circles – and has made a recent career about knowing things in this space.

I was staggered to see in his recent post Twitter’s platform shortcoming

… last week I learned that there are tons of followers who just follow you to get you to follow back

I thought everyone knew that. But then, there’s loads of stuff I don’t even know that I don’t know.

Why do *I* follow people?
I know you, you’re geographically close to me, I liked your blog post, someone I follow has @ replied with something of interest.

If you follow me, and you’re not immediately interesting, or your tweets are pushing links all the time… sorry, I won’t follow you.

I can’t remember ever knowing something before @scobleizer. I did this time.

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3 thoughts on “Sometimes, what you don’t know is surprising

  1. Interesting you say that you unfollow people who tweet links too much. I tend to prefer people who tweet links. I find that the tweets are good promo’s for the deeper content behind. If the promo sounds like something I would like, I click through. It is pretty hard to say something substantial in 140 chars.

    Just goes to show you we all use Twitter in different ways. Google Wave will end up being the same sort of tool that gets used in a variety of ways.

  2. I think I said *push* links – basically, if all I see is links to “Make Money through Twitter”, or “To get a date in your city…” You aren’t showing me what I want.

    As always, things have changed since this post. I now “follow” people I don’t follow through lists. A recent one is myKnowledge Management Twitter list

    @scobleizer now has multiple lists, accounts and is favoriting thousands of items a week… he’s back on Twitter big style.

  3. Well said.. Like ” what you don’t know wont hurt you..” anyways if there’s anyone who needs a essay writing help, I’m glad to help..

    Sadly, as this potential spammer didn’t leave his email address, you won’t be able to contact him. Ooops, accidentally deleted his link, too

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