Ownership of Social Networks? or the data we give them?

Following a couple of interesting tweets on Twitter, I started following Brian Kelly and, as usual had a look to see if his blog was interesting. It is, and I’ve joined in with his Pownce experimenting – you can find me here. One of his latest posts touched on ownership of social networks asking: Who […]

Trust, OpenID, VRM, Data Portability and how does it hang together?

… or who am I, anyway? Do *you* trust me? I’m a moderately keen Facebook user. I have a number of friends, and am in a few groups – although I avoid all zombie battles and the like. I’m a member of a number of web forums, and a newsgroup user. I also blog in […]

How should corporates engage with Facebook?

Facebook has now started a wide range Business Services, and a number of businesses are establishing Facebook Pages. One I know relatively well, was a firm called Plusnet ( a wholly owned subsidiary of BT) , who set up their pages at Facebook on November 9 – (the link won’t work unless you’re a Facebook […]

Is Facebook a symptom or a cure?

In a thoughtful post at Inside Out Richard asked if “‘… there seems only one cause behind all forms of misery: bigness’ (i.e. as the organisations around us get bigger, we feel smaller, alienated, lose autonomy and control and become institutionalised – we become, ‘… dominated by gigantic, impersonal, bureaucratic, standardised entities’). I wonder whether […]