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Social Media in the Enterprise

I wondered about the impact social media tools were making in knowledge management for the enterprise. We have got some very rapid growth in the takeup of the tools in my company; we have loads of wikis, internal blogs – growing use of Twitter.

I wondered about the difference between *Information* Management & *Knowledge* management.

Thanks to a tweet from @elsua I found my way to an excellent presentation on Knowledge Management given by John Bordeaux (@JBordeaux, since you ask).

As with many of these things, what you can take away from it depends to some extent on your organisational culture. I found it very interesting, particularly the view on

Basic information sharing infrastucture – just do it!

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    Democratic web publishing
    Social media! Everything 2.0
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  • 2 thoughts on “Social Media & Knowledge Management

    1. Data management: being able to manage/organize these zillions of coded …things

      Information management: to be able to collect, store, organize, communicate relevant data … corresponding to needs of people, missions, processes, projects, all that in the adequate place and adequate time

      Knowledge management: being able to detect, collect communicate, make understand both tacit and explicit knowledge, created from information, “learning by doing”, within minds and organizations…


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