It’s widely acknowledged that there’s an air of sniffyness amongst some people who claim not to understand Social Media, Facebook friending and so on, and have never had accounts.

There’s another group of people who leave Facebook because of privacy concerns, because they felt they had to maintain a persona, or because they feel it’s indulgent or whatever.

Back in July, I alluded to the Tantek Çelik‘s SXSW Rise of the Indie web session, where he suggested own your own content and federate/syndicate it through the FB/Twitter silos.

I’ve used  ThinkUp to track my Social Engagement, and capture posts and tweets, so I’m fairly sanguine as to what I share, and to whom.

The concerns are spreading way outside “the social media bubble” and I thought it was interesting to see the contrasting of online/”real” friends in a UK TV advert for tea.

Who do you friend, and what do you share?

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One thought on “Criticism of Facebook “friends” goes mainstream?

  1. Ha. that would be horrific if all those people showed up every time you commented on something for sure.

    Yeah I think a lot of those concerns you mention here are well founded, especially when it comes to Facebook seeing as it’s a much more personal platform that contains more personal details.

    I think the bit mistake that Farcebook are making is that they don’t give the users the ability to opt-out of this stuff. It’s just like here we go: Partner pages!

    Anyway Twitter is really my thing as it moves faster and the interactions can be more personal which is strange. But again it does some down to how you use the platform.

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